Summer 2012 Collections arrived at Macy’s Glendale

My family and I headed out to the Glendale Galleria to take the kids shopping at the Lego Store. The DH wanted to shop around the Men’s department at Macy’s before heading to Lego. And, of course, I decided to browse through the beauty counters. The first hint of Summer 2012 collections displayed immediately erased any notion of “just” browsing. You know what that means…

First thing I saw was the Dior Croisette Summer 2012 Collection. Now I have been debating about this collection. The colors really doesn’t appeal to me but the pleated design on the palette is just gorgeous. If you know me, you also know I spend time gazing at my makeup collection on a daily basis. Call me weird or whatevs. It brings me joy staring at beautiful things. Besides it’s cheaper than a shrink, safer than any pharmaceutical.

Doir Croisette Summer 2012 Collection

So, the SAs told me I can make my purchase a pre-sale for their upcoming event that way I can get a gift and have my makeup done by the Dior’s national make up artist. I purchased the Aurora palette, both nail polishes (which is my first venture into Dior Vernis) and Ultra Gloss in Pink Croisette.

And then I saw Lancome’s Bronze Diva Collection.

Lancome Bronze Diva Collection (Summer 2012)

This collection didn’t even appeal to me across all the beauty blogs that I subscribe to but when I saw the gorgeous colors on the palette I couldn’t really help myself.

Pink Safari Palette from Lancome Bronze Diva Summer 2012 Collection

The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s perfect for beach-y destinations.

The Urban Decay counter is already stocked with the new and improved eyeshadows plus the new palette. So I figured, might as well…

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette (clockwise from top left: Walk of Shame, Roach, Busted, Twice Baked, Bordello and Buck)

Aside from the palette, I also got a tube of Lip Junkie in Naked. I first came across this lovely product when I bought the Naked 2 Palette, it came in a cute little tube. I love the hydrating, non-sticky feel that tinges just a tad.

Last on my stop was the Chanel counter. I squeeled in glee when I saw this…

Chanel Summer 2012

I didn’t care much for the bronzer but I wanted the eyeshadow duo, nail polishes, lipsticks and lip gloss. Unfortunately as you can tell they’ve already sold out some of the items and I’m left with these…

Chanel Summer 2012

What’s else could a girl want? Well, I still have my sights on the Guerlain Pucci Collection. But I am skipping on the Tom Ford ones. Oh boy…

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

xo, Emilie

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