recent mini-haul from Nigel’s Beauty Supply and MAC

Belated Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re well-rested and recovered by now 🙂 There are tons of sales and deals going on and it seems like people are busy returning/exchanging their holiday presents and/or spending their cash/gift cards. I have been doing both. Since I am on a ban, I am gladly shopping using cash presents and gift cards.

There are a couple of beauty related things I did since Christmas that I’d like to share…

returned a Christmas gift in exchange for these at Nigel's Beauty Supply :)

returned a Christmas gift in exchange for these at Nigel’s Beauty Supply 🙂

my picks from MAC Pressed Pigment for Spring 2013 #PhotoShake cc: @JigsMayuga

my picks from MAC Apres Chic Collection for Spring 2013 #PhotoShake cc: @JigsMayuga

Swatches and review coming soon…

xo, Emilie

Dole’s Watermelon Juice

Meet the fam’s new favorite drink.

screenshot from

What can I say? Stuff’s good and tasty.

The kids and I usually dilute any juice drink and this has been the best tasting so far. Even if I do half juice/half water it is still tasty.

The Ralph’s that I usually go to is ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK.

Maybe I should stalk the delivery truck???