Le Metier de Beaute Mount Diablo Kaleidoscope



Le Metier de Beaute Mount Diablo Kaleidoscope

I came to know about this limited edition, counter exclusive kaleidoscope because somebody mentioned it on Le Metier de Beaute’s Facebook Page. I was intrigued so I googled to see if I could see images of it. I found very little info but I saw the shades and I knew I had to buy it. I contacted Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek in California and the wonderful Dita told me that they sold their last one two days before.


special commemorative packaging

I was disappointed but I let it go thinking it wasn’t meant to be. My daughter was in the hospital at that time and she told me that same thing. A few minutes later, Dita called me back to let me know that they found one Mount Diablo that was already opened but was only used as a display in an enclosed case. I couldn’t believe my ears, of course I want it!


back of package

And here it is…


with the package opened

What it is about (according to paperwork I found online but not in the package that I received)…

The Mount Diablo Kaleidoscope Eye Shadow Collection captures the spirit of Walnut Creek in rich, captivating color. This exclusive, limited-edition collection contains a beautiful palette celebrating the rich history and geographical significance of the area, including (top-to-bottom) Castle Rock, a satin pink with subtle shimmer, East Bay, a shimmering, steely blue/gray, Mount Diablo, a rich, matte mauve-tan, and Walnut Creek, a deep, rich matte chocolate.


with the kaleidoscope opened


photo taken in the shade


back of the kaleidoscope

And for the individual shades… I love how they named each shade with names significant to the area.


Castle Rock (satin pink with subtle shimmer)


East Bay (shimmering, steely blue/gray)


Mount Diablo (rich matte mauve-tan)


Walnut Creek (deep rich matte chocolate)

And swatches…

LMdB Mount Diablo swatches

from top to bottom: Castle Rock (satin pink with subtle shimmer), East Bay (shimmering, steely blue/gray), Mount Diablo (rich matte mauve-tan) and Walnut Creek (deep rich matte chocolate).

LMdB Mount Diablo Swatches, combined

top – all four shades layered
middle – first 3 shades layered
bottom – first 2 shades layered

This specific item retailed at $125 (I figured because of the packaging). This kaleidoscope is a limited edition and exclusive to Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek in California. It is already SOLD OUT.

xo, Emilie

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