Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme in Catherine and Bloom | exclusive to Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills



Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme in Catherine and Bloom

Le Metier de Beaute has two new lip cremes exclusive to Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. They are lovely nudes called Catherine and Bloom.

What Le Metier de Beaute have to say about lip cremes…

Combines the best qualities of our lipsticks and glosses for an alluring blend of rich shine and creamy texture to envelope the lips in a beautiful, feather-light sheen. Buildable silky, ultra-lightweight color, in a unique moisture-infusing crème formula for delicious, smooth and creamy long-wearing coverage. Enriched to soothe and nourish the lips with healthful Vanilla Extract and Vitamins A, C, and E anti-oxidants. For use alone or in combination with other crèmes—or a lipstick for an added emphasis to your pout.

Catherine Lip Creme


Le Metier de Beaute Catherine Lip Creme

Catherine is the sparklier of the two. It is nude with just a hint of pink with very fine micro glitters in silver and gold. I think I saw something like rose gold in it too but do not quote me on that. Because of these micro glitters, at first swipe you’ll get an impression that it’s frosted but once blended in the lip you actually get a nice finish. Because of the shade, it is not highly pigmented nor opaque. It is kind of like my lips but better nude shade. What’s great about this shade is that it does not wash me out like most nudes.

It is creamy and hydrating. The product doesn’t settle onto lines. It might have glitters in it but you can’t feel it. There is that signature vanilla scent that lip cremes have and this is no different, in fact I think while the intensity is about the same, I think in this two shades it lingers on just a tad longer than usual. That didn’t bother me because while I vanilla scents give me a headache in general this one is actually pleasant so I do not mind.

I love both lip cremes featured in this post. I love Catherine because while it is nude, it provides that extra dimension to make my lips look fuller and noticeable. Perfect to compliment any strong eye look like a smoky eye.


Le Metier de Beaute Catherine Lip Creme


Le Metier de Beaute Catherine Lip Creme


Le Metier de Beaute Catherine Lip Creme


Le Metier de Beaute Catherine Lip Creme –  indoors, fluorescent lighting


Catherine Lip Creme – – indoor, strong natural light


bare lip

Bloom Lip Cream


Le Metier de Beaute Bloom Lip Creme

Bloom is another nude with just a hint of pink without any glitters. It is not flat as there is a shine to it. It is creamy in texture and hydrating.


Le Metier de Beaute Bloom Lip Creme

When swatched in my arm, it is difficult for me to show the color as it can blend in with my skin. The picture below is taken under direct late afternoon sun just to show you the color. This would be perfect for somebody lighter than me.


Le Metier de Beaute Bloom Lip Creme

I did take a couple of photos in different environments just to show you what it could look like. Bloom can be build-able to make it as opaque as possible but this is as far as I would like to go. I’ve applied it to a semi-sheer effect. What I like about Bloom is that it is a nice alternative to Catherine if you are not feeling the slight sparkle. Again, perfect for a strong eye look like the smoky eye.


Le Metier de Beaute Bloom Lip Creme – indoors, fluorescent lighting


Bloom Lip Creme – indoor, strong natural light


bare lip

Here are swatches of both lip cremes…


Le Metier de Beaute Catherine and Bloom Lip Creme – shade, late afternoon


Le Metier de Beaute Catherine and Bloom Lip Creme – direct sun, late afternoon

To sum it all up, while sold separately, these two NUDE lip cremes is my perfect compliment to any strong eye look. I think there are a lot of choices when it comes to nude lipsticks but not so much when it comes to a lip gloss/lip creme formula. I’ve been looking for a nude that will not wash me out or be just another gloss that doesn’t do much to the lips. Catherine and Bloom gives me an even polished lips that doesn’t pull too much attention from everything else. I just wish that it was easy to photograph. Because of the product being nude and of my NC30/medium skin tone and a lot of other factors it was just not the most “photogenic”.

ingredient list – Catherine Lip Creme

ingredient list – Bloom Lip Creme

Catherine and Bloom lip cremes are limited edition and exclusive to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills (where I got mine). They are now available for $36 each. To order, call Scott Reyes at 310.550.5900 ext 2087 and tell him you heard about it through Emilie.

If you love nudes, you might want to check out Catherine and Bloom.

xo, Emilie

beauty event to watch out for

Neiman Marcus' The Beauty Event

Neiman Marcus' The Beauty Event

What am I talking about? None other than Neiman Marcus’ The Beauty Event from Thursday, February 23 to Sunday, March 4

Neiman Marcus The Beauty Event

Neiman Marcus The Beauty Event

For this event, a minimum cosmetic purchase of $100 gets you the above tote bag in your choice of color (yellow, gold or pink) filled with beauty samples.

Now this part is the most exciting especially for Le Metier de Beaute die hards…

NM The Beauty Event exclusive, LMdB Lip Creme in Red Velvet

NM The Beauty Event exclusive, LMdB Lip Creme in Red Velvet

A minimum purchase of LMdB products worth $125 gets you a full sized Lip Creme in RED  VELVET…color exclusive to this event.

Red Velvet Lip Creme

Pucker up with a delicious new treat from Le Metier de Beaute: Red Velvet Lip Creme. The highly pigmented, sumptuous red hue is the perfect pop of color for any complexion. Decadent, moist and absolutely divine, this universally flattering shade creates a perfectly polished look of glamour with the swipe of a wand.

LMdB Daily Renew Creme Cleanser

LMdB Daily Renew Creme Cleanser

For LMdB purchases of $300 or more you get a full sized brand new, never been released before cream cleanser.

Daily Renew Creme Cleanser

The Daily Renew Creme Cleanser is a soap-free, paraben-free creme cleanser that gently cleanses and exfoliates skin for a smoother, brighter complexion. Ideal for normal-to-dry skin, Daily Renew Creme Cleanser loosens and lifts away makeup and impurities, exfoliates dead skin cells and revives a weary and lackluster complexion without over-drying or stripping your skin.

Key ingredients:

  • A powerful polypeptide blend of bioavailable minerals helps provide structural integrity and protection of the dermis; skin cell respiration, function and elasticity are increased.
  • Proprietary blendof sugar cane, citrus, apple and orange extracts and glycol acid exfoliates dull surface cells, brightens skin.
  • Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract help to provide antioxidant protection against harmful free radical damage.
How to Use:
May be used with or without water. Dispense approximately a quarter size amount in the palm of your hand. Massage over entire face and neck to loosen makeup and imbedded impurities. Gently wipe clean with washcloth or towelette or rinse clean with warm tepid water.

So have you placed your pre-orders already? Looking for SA’s to help you with your purchase. I have a couple trusted SA’s particularly with Le Metier de Beaute.

Jennifer Conejo (she’s my local beauty SA)
Neiman Marcus – Topanga (CA)
818-316-7000 ext. 2105

Alyx Napolitano (I’ve heard great things about her, she has found many hard to find LMdB Kaleidoscopes)
LMdB Specialist at Neiman Marcus – Las Vegas
cell/text 702-722-7400

Happy Shopping, beauties!!!

xo, Emilie

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