HibisKiss Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss (Le Metier de Beaute Peek of the Week)

LMDB Hibiskiss Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss

LMDB Hibiskiss Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss

I am not a big fan of red lip color. Now when I was younger I remember that’s the only color I ever wore. Different shades of red. However now I prefer to play up my eyes and wear more muted colors on the lips.

LMDB Hibiskiss Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss

LMDB Hibiskiss Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss

On the tube it is a very bright fuchsia red. Scary, right? Well, not really. It is sheer after all so it just makes my lips very rosy. Which I dig on days where I have nothing on the eyes. Perfect for those minimal days. What I love about LMdB lip glosses whether they may be the sheer brilliance kind or the lip cremes, is that they are moisturizing (not a whole lot but does the job to maintain moisture) and not tacky at all. They don’t slip either. I don’t really take into consideration the longevity of lip glosses because I find it to be subjective (depends on how much you purse your lips together, if you ever lick your lips, drinking from a cup versus a straw, eating esp oily foods, etc). This one gives my lips consistent moisture, color and shine for at least 2 hours without doing anything (i.e., drinking and eating). I highly recommend Hibiskiss if you’re looking to start wearing red, a lover of red or just addicted to makeup.

Here’s what LMdB’s website has to say about the product.

Le Métier de Beauté’s Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss is luxuriously crafted to drench lips in a buildable veil of semi-transparent color that responds to the lip’s natural hue, giving everyone a custom shade all their own. The unique ultra-lightweight, hydrating formula is enriched with emollients and antioxidants for beautiful, supple lips. Wear it alone for sheer brilliant shine or layered over your favorite lip color for added depth and complexity. Silky, easy glide application for non-tacky, long-wearing color.

  • Elegant, semi-translucent glossy color

  • Vitamin E and lanolin for soft supple lips

  • Silky texture and easy glide formula

  • Never heavy or sticky

Available at LMdB counters and online at Le Metier de Beaute, $32.

xo, Emilie

I’m still around, alive and kicking, and still loving makeup.

I’m still around, alive and kicking, and still loving makeup. But totally uninspired to blog. A few days shy from my last blog post dated 04/05/2013 would have been about 1 year since a certain someone from Le Metier de Beaute has reached me over the phone and told me about how the owner has stumbled into my Pinterest board entitled “Le Metier de Beaute“, click HERE to see it, and after a conversation over the phone, this certain someone said they would love to do a custom palette for me and I said I would get back to them with an idea for a color scheme. So I have this certain someone’s contact info and I tried several times through phone calls and voicemails. Then finally an email. Numerous follow up to the email via phone calls but to no avail. At that time I did not hold it against, even one year after that. At this time I got this idea that when I was calling back and leaving voice messages, it never occurred to me that maybe this certain someone has left the company, right? It is a possibility. And so I asked around and it turned out this certain someone is still with the company. And so you must know how that feels. Because that’s how I feel.

This is not about getting a free palette because honestly if you know me, you’ll easily get how this is not about getting anything free. I am putting my foot down and doing my own boycott. I haven’t preached the wonders of Le Metier de Beaute in a long time now nor purchased anything at all in a few months. My husband got the Beauty Vault VIP box subscription as a surprise unbeknown to him about my current feelings for the brand. More than the brand, I miss the friendship I have found with Scott from the counter in Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. I miss Kayla who I’m so used to seeing all the time in Topanga and BH. I miss seeing Ivan and how he perfects my eyebrows all the time! And Mikey, fountain of youth and knowledge (what can I say). So, you see, this was not all about the brand. The product is truly wonderful. Exceptional even. Quality is par excellance. The people that I get to talk to and work with, now that is priceless. And I miss that. I really do.

So, despite this “sadness” that has fallen over my makeup loving self, I still continue to try all sorts of things. I can’t promise anything but hopefully this means I’m out of this slump.

And to those people that continue to visit this website I really do thank you for passing by and checking it out. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

xo, Emilie