Chanel 2012 Makeup Inspired Everyday Outfit

Chanel 2012 Makeup Inspired Everyday Outfit
Happy New Year! Happy 2012!
I am coming back with my very first Polyvore set. The picture looks very clinical. Practice, practice, practice! I’ll get my style soon 🙂 This year I am putting myself out there. My plus size self. And I’m thinking of dedicating much of my Polyvore experience to the plus sized woman. What do you think?
xo, Emilie

ballet flats from TOMS’ Spring 2012 collection

If you are observant, one thing you’ll notice is my love of flats, particularly ballet flats. I came across this picture on Pinterest…

And my heart skipped a few dozen beats. Seriously. I have some serious saving up to do because this mama’s on a mission to buy those flats in all colors possible. And I’m not kidding.

I can only imagine sinking my feet into those comfortable linen flats. Imagine doing lots of running around in them? Pure comfort. Some errands may prove to be challenging but at least you’re doing them in nice-looking, do-gooding comfy flats.

I can’t wait!

xo, Emilie
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