Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit in Shade 4

~ purchased by me ~


When I began dipping my toes in contouring, I picked up products that looked good and/or was popular. So when I saw this on display at a Sephora, I immediately bought it not knowing (or even checking) that there are different shades. This one here is Shade 4. I like it though because I can experiment with it.


The Sculpting Kit contains 2 micronized matte powders, a light shade to highlight and a dark shade to contour. I find both to be slightly powdery and takes a little bit more effort to blend. It does not have the easy blend ability of the Anastasia Contour Kit, Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar or Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. What I do like about it is that it sets right away. I know it seems like a bad thing but knowing this (and after numerous practice), it is comforting to know that once you have achieved the look that you are working on, it will not budge. What I also like about this is that it is hard to over-blend with this product. This product, particularly this shade is perfect for those sharply contoured cheeks. I do love the effect it does on the face…on print (or photos). But in real life, it kinda looks oh so fake ( which I think is true for full-on contouring).


For on cam purposes, this might be the perfect product for highlighting and contouring. And if you have a tendency to over-blend, this is perfect for you. This would be suited for those with medium to dark skin tones, as the contour shade is too dark for lighter skin tones. Each shade is a whopping 5.5g and you can get it at Sephora for $48.

I am still not comfortable with this contouring business. How are your contouring skills? Any tips?

xo, Emilie




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