Milani Bedazzled Collection Lipsticks

~purchased by me~

#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick

Along with the gel eye liners from Milani’s Bedazzled Collection, I also purchased all three lipsticks that came with it. I only have one other lipstick from Milani and I have positive experience with it.

Some observations…

  • totally digging the packaging, beautiful gold tube with a sturdy clear cover so you can see which shade you got without having to take off the cover…perfect!
  • they don’t do anything for my lips (they don’t moisturize nor dry out my lips)
  • they are long lasting, didn’t really transfer on the straw I was drinking on
  • Enchanted Topaz and Enchanted Amethyst are both mattes while Enchanted Ruby has a sheen to it


#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedtopaz


#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedtopaz

When I first looked at the tube as I twisted it up, dismay came over me. It looks like it will wash out when worn on my lips. I was mistaken. It’s actually the perfect nude.

#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedtopaz


#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedamethyst


#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedamethyst

For my nude loving self, Enchanted Amethyst is scary. It does not look wearable but this color is super trendy for Fall, so again, why not? Click HERE to see what it looks like on me and vote 😉

#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedamethyst


#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedruby


#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedruby

Enchanted Ruby looks so dark on the tube but is actually a rich wine red once applied. It’s beautiful, would suit a wide array of skin tones. Wears comfortable on the lips too.

#milanibedazzled #milanilipstick #milanienchantedruby

Here are the three lipsticks in the collection…


Beautiful colors in this collection, right?

xo, Emilie

13 thoughts on “Milani Bedazzled Collection Lipsticks

    • I only own two other Milani lipsticks aside from these. One of them is Naturally Nude and they kinda smell the same to me. They both smell like vanilla cupcakes. When I’m normally using lipstick I can’t smell anything. A few people commented on my IG feed regarding the smell and that was actually the only time I smelled all 5 tubes of Milani lipsticks that I own.

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