Operation Swatch It: Le Metier de Beaute Melange de Couleur Fashion Eye Palette for Spring 2013

Le Metier de Beaute Spring 2013 Palette (?)

Le Metier de Beaute Melange de Couleur Fashion Eye Palette for Spring 2013

You might remember I posted the above pic in this post when LMdB posted it in their Facebook Page. All LMdB enthusiasts are not head over heels excited to get their hands on this much coveted “best of the best” palette of sorts.

Today I bring to you swatches I took in store of all 18 shades. Now, in store lighting is notorious for being harsh so I apologize if my pictures seem weird or off to you. I did try my best with white balancing but I’m not an expert photographer or photoshop-er.

I did get the time to play around with the palette. They are a dream to apply with a sponge tip applicator (which I used for swatching) as with a brush. The quality is again up there as expected from LMdB. Even the blackest of black which is on the top left (if you’re looking at the above picture) and the whitest white on the bottom right are not chalky. They did blend like a dream. The colors are a mixture of new and old favorites so if you’re looking for a palette made up of entirely new shades then this is not what you’re looking for.

I swatched using a sponge tip applicator. The arm is obviously not mine but it is the arm of the ever pretty Kayla. Let’s get it going with the swatches …

the new palette in the background

the new palette in the background

Best Things in Beauty has a picture of the palette that she took in store as well as shade names and color combo suggestions from LMdB’s very own Director of Color, Mikey Castillo. Check it out HERE.

Referring to the picture at the top of the post, this is the first column swatching from top to bottom beginning from the right. Did that make sense? Probably not but it’s easy to pair the swatch to the color in the pan.

first column, left column

first column, left column

second column, middle

second column, middle column

third column, right column

third column, right column

So what do you think? I think and believe this is a must-have for the serious enthusiast and a no brainer must-have for someone who wants to get into Le Metier de Beaute. All 18 gorgeous shades for $95. What a deal!

If you’re ready to order you can reach Scott Reyes who is not only my trusted SA from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills but is also a good friend.

Scott Reyes | Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills | 310.550.5900 ext 2087

Let me know if you’re getting it or if you have any thoughts on this palette.

xo, Emilie

9 thoughts on “Operation Swatch It: Le Metier de Beaute Melange de Couleur Fashion Eye Palette for Spring 2013

  1. I love LMdB, I have already bought some single eyeshadows and one kaleidoscope. But I am not living in US and my only chance to buy this palette is through Zuneta.com. Do you think that your trusted SA could send me this palette through post? This could be a big favour because I live in Europe..

  2. Thank you so much for trying to help me! You are so sweet 🙂
    Unfortunately I cannot buy beauty items from Neiman Marcus website, these items have special treatment under the EU legislation. Anyway, I contacted Zuneta.com and they said that they will bring this palette 😉
    Thanks a lot for your assistance and your wonderful review!

    • You are so welcome Annie! Just in case, if ever you’re in need to ship things from US look into MyUS.com. You ship it to a US address and MyUS can ship it for you. It will get costly but would be worth it if you’re buying more than 1 item.

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