UPDATED! New! Limited Edition Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes to Kill’ Intense Eyeshadow, Acqua Collection

UPDATE 07.12.2012: I now have 25 in my possession and this post is now complete.


(l-r) 25 Smokey Copper, 25 Rusted Gold, 26 Carat Gold, 27 Oxidised Silver, 28 Red Platine, 29 Rose Titanium


(l-r) 25 Smokey Copper, 25 Rusted Gold, 26 Carat Gold, 27 Oxidised Silver, 28 Red Platine, 29 Rose Titanium

I haven’t really paid much notice to Giorgio Armani makeup because so far my experience with their SA’s is not so good. And this time around it’s no different. However, day before 4th of July a friend told me about new colors from their “pot eyeshadows” (her words). I went online to see it at the Nordstrom website and I was intrigues. I don’t really own much from their line except for 2 glosses so I decided to try out this product line as I’ve only read good things about this formula.

According to the Giorgio Armani Beauty website…

Just in time for Summer, try these waterproof, 24-hour wear eyeshadows, now available in six limited edition new shades: #24-#29.

Eyes To Kill Intense unveils a pearl blend that radiates four spellbinding colours. Each of the Eyes to Kill Intense shades is based on a revolutionary technology that acts like a kaleidoscope, producing multidimensional colors.

Neither a cream nor a powder, this incredible hybrid formula acts like a colour suspension that delivers a dreamy, ethereal beauty to eyes with a 24 hour hold.

I am missing #25 right now because they “couldn’t find the bag” with all my orders that I had placed on hold the night before. Talk about service…that reminded me why I never touched this brand before.

Here comes the photos…


#24 Smokey Copper




#24 Smokey Copper


#24 Smokey Copper


#24 Smokey Copper


#25 Rusted Gold


#25 Rusted Gold


#25 Rusted Gold


#26 Carat Gold


#26 Carat Gold


#26 Carat Gold


#27 Oxidised Silver


#27 Oxidised Silver


#27 Oxidised Silver


#28 Red Platine


#28 Red Platine


#28 Red Platine


#29 Rose Titanium


#29 Rose Titanium


#29 Rose Titanium

I say: I love how these shadows apply on the skin. They look great on the pot and look great against the skin. I’m glad I indulged despite the so-so service I get from heir SA’s. I haven’t had the chance to test out their 24 hour claim but I tried to run water over the swatch but once they dried down the don’t budge.

Are you liking any of the colors?

I got mine at Nordstrom for $32, also available at Nordstrom.com and online at Giorgio Armani Beauty.

xo, Emilie

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8 thoughts on “UPDATED! New! Limited Edition Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes to Kill’ Intense Eyeshadow, Acqua Collection

    • Hi there! Funny you asked that because I didn’t jump in te bandwagon when Illusion D’Ombre was released but due to my disappointment with Chanel’s Fall 2012 I decided to get myself on the potted wagon. I just finished swatching Chanel and I will have that post soon. I will compare on that post and I will message you as soon as it’s up.

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