Le Metier de Beaute Mount Diablo Kaleidoscope



Le Metier de Beaute Mount Diablo Kaleidoscope

I came to know about this limited edition, counter exclusive kaleidoscope because somebody mentioned it on Le Metier de Beaute’s Facebook Page. I was intrigued so I googled to see if I could see images of it. I found very little info but I saw the shades and I knew I had to buy it. I contacted Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek in California and the wonderful Dita told me that they sold their last one two days before.


special commemorative packaging

I was disappointed but I let it go thinking it wasn’t meant to be. My daughter was in the hospital at that time and she told me that same thing. A few minutes later, Dita called me back to let me know that they found one Mount Diablo that was already opened but was only used as a display in an enclosed case. I couldn’t believe my ears, of course I want it!


back of package

And here it is…


with the package opened

What it is about (according to paperwork I found online but not in the package that I received)…

The Mount Diablo Kaleidoscope Eye Shadow Collection captures the spirit of Walnut Creek in rich, captivating color. This exclusive, limited-edition collection contains a beautiful palette celebrating the rich history and geographical significance of the area, including (top-to-bottom) Castle Rock, a satin pink with subtle shimmer, East Bay, a shimmering, steely blue/gray, Mount Diablo, a rich, matte mauve-tan, and Walnut Creek, a deep, rich matte chocolate.


with the kaleidoscope opened


photo taken in the shade


back of the kaleidoscope

And for the individual shades… I love how they named each shade with names significant to the area.


Castle Rock (satin pink with subtle shimmer)


East Bay (shimmering, steely blue/gray)


Mount Diablo (rich matte mauve-tan)


Walnut Creek (deep rich matte chocolate)

And swatches…

LMdB Mount Diablo swatches

from top to bottom: Castle Rock (satin pink with subtle shimmer), East Bay (shimmering, steely blue/gray), Mount Diablo (rich matte mauve-tan) and Walnut Creek (deep rich matte chocolate).

LMdB Mount Diablo Swatches, combined

top – all four shades layered
middle – first 3 shades layered
bottom – first 2 shades layered

This specific item retailed at $125 (I figured because of the packaging). This kaleidoscope is a limited edition and exclusive to Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek in California. It is already SOLD OUT.

xo, Emilie

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7 thoughts on “Le Metier de Beaute Mount Diablo Kaleidoscope

  1. Beautiful-looks soft and neutral, which is my kind of look……too bad about it being sold out. Are you going to post a FOTD featuring this palette? Which of the new palettes are your fav from LMDB? Also, (you know we’re going to ask)- any dupes in this kaleidescopes? Maybe we can try and recreate the look, seeing as we can’t procure it anymore.

    I feel for you daughter, send her regards from your friends in the blogosphere. Hope she is recovering well.

    • I’m going to do my “research” this weekend and I’ll either do another blog post or just post it on Facebook. Either way I’ll reply to this comment once I’m done.
      As for my favorite, I’m really surprised by the Chauvet Pont D’Arc Kaleidoscope. So that’s my current favorite and a close second would be Oak St. Beach and Mount Diablo tied. I would do Mount Diablo if I wanted something totally nude/neutral.
      Thanks for the well wishes and I will be back to let you know about my “research”.
      Take Care!

  2. Can’t wait for your “research” post about this Kaleidescope! Based on your recommendation, I ran out today and got Chauvet Pont D’Arc and I already recieved Oak St Beach (which I LOVE!). Ivan, Mickey and Scott were there at the counter in Beverly Hills and Ivan applied CPD on – and it is beautiful……Your blog came up, of course, as I was telling them how helpful it is to see the application of the colors on your FOTD posts instead of just hand swatches. Keep up the stellar job!

    • So lucky catching them at the store! When I started blogging about makeup I didn’t expect anybody to take notice but I kept writing as if somebody’s listening. So I do thank you for taking time to read, for appreciating my recommendation and opinion. I am blessed to not only call you a reader but a friend. Thank you 🙂

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