Lippie Love: Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in 008 Peony vs NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss 008 Peony

A couple of weeks ago Walgreens had a sale on Revlon products. And of course, I indulged in eyeshadows, lip butters and lipgloss. Today I have Peony. It is a shimmery pink that is sheerer than I expected.

What the Revlon website says…

Revlon ColorBurst Lip gloss for lips that shine with killer color. This weightless gloss makes lips pop with 5X more shine than patent leather.

A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you!
• Micro-crystal formula for 5X the shine of patent leather
• Plush applicator shaped to curves of your lips for smooth, even application of colour
• ColorBurst’s Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel
• Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture

And on the lips…

bare lip

photo taken in direct sunlight

photo taken outdoors in the shade

I’ve read in beauty blogs and other social networking sites that it is a dupe for NARS’ Orgasm Lipgloss. Let’s see if it is so…


NARS Orgasm

What Sephora said…

What it is:
A pigment-dense lip gloss.

What it does:
The portable tube and sponge wand make applying these beautiful glosses, in an array of shades, a snap.


NARS Orgasm

And for the side-by-side swatches


swatch, NARS Orgasm and Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Peony; photo taken under sunlight

Here’s what Orgasm looks like on my lips.


NARS Orgasm; photo taken in shade


NARS Orgasm; photo taken under sunlight

Based on the comparisons I made, they are definitely deeps when it comes to color.

NARS Orgasm –

  • is stickier (I mean, really sticky)
  • un-buildable (color stayed same even if you pile on the product)
  • no scent
  • $24 at fine stores where NARS is sold
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Peony
  • non-sticky
  • love the “dual-sided” flexible applicator
  • buildable without going sticky
  • absolutely disgusting odor (I dare not call it a scent. Scent entails pleasant smell and this is clearly not)
  • $5.99 on
I guess you can’t have it all. This NARS Orgasm that I have happens to be a GWP because I never would have bought it. I’d rather go with the Revlon Peony despite it being odor-iffic. The smell disappears so I can live with it. Seriously, Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses are a revelation. I haven’t had good luck with drugstore brands but this one’s a winner. If you’re looking to expand your kit with a wide-range of lipgloss color, this line is worth checking out. I got mine when Walgreens had a promo, Revlon was 40% off plus you get a $3 coupon if you spend $10. At the end of my Revlon haul I was able to buy a tower fan. Now that’s a haul 🙂

xo, Emilie

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7 thoughts on “Lippie Love: Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in 008 Peony vs NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

  1. I just bought the Revlon today and as a Nars freak….I love it due to saving $. It is not quite the same but good enough for the guys I date…ha,ha. Thank you!

  2. i have the same problem with it smelling SO gross. like…i can’t even use it, even though i love it, because it just stinks. i find it never quite disappears on mine. your blog is the first i’ve read that shows that somebody out there had a similar problem.

  3. I love these lipglosses! So nice 🙂 I have sunbaked and Bordeaux. I perfer no shimmer to minimal shimmer. I actually like the smell lol. It smells like sweet scented sharpies. Haha. I probably sound sick but the scent is really light and I can only smell it if I put it close to my nose. I really like them 🙂

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