NARS Thakoon Nail Polish in Ratin Jot


Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection Summer 2012
source: via Emilie on Pinterest

I have to warn you this early that I do have a picture of my stubby toes at the end of this post. Being that I own this blog, I would like to share what the shade would look like on my skin tone. If this proves to be uninteresting please skip this post. Thank you and I totally appreciate you dropping by.

Now…I love love love this collection because the colors are happy and super vibrant. I love all the shades even the yellow. I purchased Ratin Jot and Kutki. Now I am regretting not buying everything else with the exception of Amchoor (yellow). I figured I already have a yellow shade from Le Metier de Beaute’s Resort 2012 Collection. I am trying to keep my nail polishes to just a few brands but because of this collection I am adding NARS to my collection of nail polishes.

According to the Nordstroms website…

This season NARS and Thakoon extend their fashion week collaboration with limited edition nail polishes inspired by the designer’s Spring 2012 collection. Super vibrant, exuberant color channels the pulsating hues of an Indian spice market for a bold dose of fashion-forward color at your fingertips.

It is toluene-, formaldehyde- and DBP-free. According to the NARS website it “ imparts incredible luster and prolonged gloss retention with UV protection to prevent polish discoloration. An advanced polymer system provides extended wear and a durable, chip-resistant finish.

Ratin Jot – Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection Summer 2012

So for today I am featuring Ratin Jot, it is described as orchid purple. If there’s a color that I imagine to be orchid purple, this would be it. It is so different from what I normally wear and I’m more than happy to be breaking (a bit) out of my shell. I warn you my toes are not the ideal, fair and skinny. It also goes to say I’m none of those either *lol* But as I am supposedly breaking out of my shell, let me show you Ratin Jot on me.

According to reviews and comments, NARS polishes are durable, easy to apply, long-wearing, fast-drying and super shiny. I’ve had them on for 6 days already and it’s still on, without chips and still shiny. Bottom line, the formula and consistency is superior, even better than luxury brands. I can’t wait to explore other colors.

It is priced at $18 for 0.5 oz and can be found at Sephora and Nordstroms, and online at Barneys and

xo, Emilie

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