Le Metier de Beaute’s newest

If you are an avid LMdB fan like myself, you know by now the “ruckus” On The Coast made when it sold earlier than announced at Saks.com. Thankfully the newest limited edition offering is exclusive to Bergdorf, at least we all know Dustin and his crew will take of us, in my case Jenny did. I haven’t seen any press release on this collection nor any tweets yet, I may be wrong though.

newest Le Metier de Beaute exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman

According to the catalog…

Exclusively ours. Inspired by the Chauvet cave paintings in France, the summer color collection hues are rich in pigment, beauty and intensity. Chauvet Pont d’Arc Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, $95. Copper Leaf & Ginger Snap Creme Lip Gloss, $65. Wild Ginger Nail Lacquer, $18. 212.872.8612

So if you’re an avid fan and collector like myself, do give them a call and pre-order ASAP.

Update as of 4-26-2012 1:34pm PST, Le Metier de Beaute replied to my link post on their Facebook page:

Le Métier de Beauté wrote: “Hi Emilie,
Thank you for the shout out! This looks like a products from a few different collections… the lip/nail is exclusive to Neiman Marcus and, if that’s our summer Kaleidoscope kit inspired by the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave drawings, then that kit will be available at all of our retail partners.

Please free feel to contact us with anytime questions at pr@metierbeaute.com.


Thank you for dropping by!

xo, Emilie

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