Adele at the 2012 Grammy’s



Adele at 2012 Grammy's

Adele at 2012 Grammy's

I am a huge Adele fan. Ever since Chasing Pavements hit the airwaves. I was infuriated at the same time saddened when I heard her tour management team suspended her tour because of her weight (now don’t go quoting me on that). I don’t know how true is that rumor. Regardless, it’s still ridiculous. Then came news that her singing might be in danger because of some throat condition. I mean, not to hear her sing? Not hearing that beautiful voice ever? So, I am overjoyed to find out that she is singing at the Grammy’s. She deserves to win.

Adele Face Close Up

Adele Face Close Up

I love the look she had going. I think her custom Armani sparkling gown is a timeless classic. Her face is just stunningly flawless. Perfection from the skin, cat eye, lashes to the red lips. And the lighter mane, I’m definitely loving it. I know some prefer her hair darker but I think the lighter hair color enhances the glow that radiating from her.

Here are my favorite Adele songs

xo, Emilie

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