Weekend Bag Obsession: Foley + Corinna’s Jet Set Tote

For the longest time, I’ve been in search of that perfect black purse that would suit my everyday needs. See, I’m not the fashionable kind of person. In fact, I’m more of the comfort way more than fashion. So to make things interesting for me, I let my purses/bags be the fashionable one. I have accumulated a lot of handbags ever since I turned into adulthood (and that has been more than a decade already *gasp*) so imagine it took me some time to weed out the stuff that I no longer use and stuff that’s no longer my style. And I’m left with pieces that are designer and those that I use with a purpose (travel, parties, etc). And the next thing I realized is that I don’t have a casual yet structured current yet could easily be classic kind of BLACK bag.

And believe me when I say I have been searching the internet for weeks now. And so I stumbled into Foley + Corinna’s Jet Set Tote in Black Soft Glazed Leather.



opened view

At first I find the overall design too simple. Functional without being obvious. I’ve been staring at them for days now and I would love to see it in person to see if it is as good as it looks. So Bloomies here I come (oooh, I hope you have them in store!). Priced at $495, it’s not really that bad and Foley + Corinna’s got a cult following among the fashionistas. If it is as good in person, then this baby’s mine.

xo, Emilie
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2 thoughts on “Weekend Bag Obsession: Foley + Corinna’s Jet Set Tote

  1. Hi,

    Love this bag too! Just wondering if you ended up getting it, and if so, what color?! I can’t decide between the black or brown…I also like the Poppy but have seen different pictures of it and I’m not sure if it’s as bright as it looks. Thanks!

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